Lilya Diane Quintana

Elven warrior, a town guard of Falcon's Hollow


Race: Elf (Forlorn)

Class: Fighter 1/Witch 1

Size: M

Gender: F

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 137 lbs.

Age: 35

Alignment: Neutral Good

Deity: Iomedae

Background Occupation: Town Guard

Languages: Common, Elven, Halfling, Sylvan

Eyes: Blue-Grey

Hair: Dark Red

Skin: Light Tan

Str: 14 (+2)

Dex: 20 (+5)

Con: 12 (+1)

Int: 14 (+2)

Wis: 12 (+1)

Cha: 10 (+0)

HP: 25

Initiative: +5

AC: 18

Touch: 15

Flat-Footed: 13

Fort: +4

Ref: +5

Will: +2

BaB: +1

Melee: +2 (+6 Wpn Fns)

Ranged: +6

CMB: +3

CMD: 18


Mastwork Elven Curved Blade +8 (+5 non-Wpn Fns) 1d10+3 slashing damage crit 18-20/x2

Composite Longbow +6 1d8+1 piercing damage crit 20/x3 range 110 ft.

Club +4 1d6+3 bludgeoning damage crit 20/x2

Dagger +6 1d4+1 piercing or slashing damage crit 18-20/x2 range 10 ft.

Race Features:

Low-Light Vision

Immune to magical sleep effects, +2 vs. enchantment spells and effects.

+2 on CL checks to overcome SR; +2 on Spellcraft checks to identify magic items

+2 on Perception checks

Proficient w/ longbows, longswords, rapiers, and shortbows, any weapon with the word ‘elven’ in its name is a martial weapon.

Class Features:



Hex (Ward)

Witches’ Familiar (Fox)

Proficiencies: All simple and martial weapons, all armor, and shields.

Skills: Craft (weaponsmith) +6 Intimidate +4 Perception +4 Knowledge (nature) +3 Survival +6 Feats: Weapon Finesse Weapon Focus (Elven Curved Blade) Starting Wealth: 250 GP 33 gp, 8 sp, 9 cp Equipment: Elven Curved Blade (80 gp; 3 lbs.) Composite Longbow (100 gp; 3 lbs.) Quiver (20 Arrows, 1 gp; 3 lbs.) Dagger (-; 1 lb) Club (-; 3 lbs) Studded Leather (25 gp; 20 lbs.) Backpack (2 gp; 2 lbs.) Bedroll (0.1 gp; 5 lbs.) Flint and Steel (1 gp; -) Pouch, belt (2 gp; .25 lb) Rope, hemp (50 ft; 1 gp, 10 lbs) Torch (0.001 gp; 1 lbs) Preservatives (5 gp; 1/2 lbs.) Waterskin (1 gp; 4 lbs) Outfit (-; 3 lbs.) Carried Weight: 58.75 lbs. Carrying Capacity Light Load: >59 lbs Medium Load: 59-116 lbs Heavy Load: 117-175 lbs


Home Climate: Temperate Plains/Forest Home Community: Small Town Family Economic Status: Orphan (Religious Order: Iomedae, Poor) Social Standing: Positive Religious Affiliation (Iomedae) Defense Readiness: Hired (Church paladin) Private Ethics: Good Public Ethics: Normal Religious Commitment: Historical (Iomedae) Reputation: Outstanding Political Views: Apolitical Power Structure: Patriarchy

Ancestors of Note Adopted: Spell Creator (Diane’s Grandmother; Divine Abjuration of some sort) Successful Hero (Johan’s Direct Ancestor, slew a powerful demon) Actual: Villain/Arcanist (Father’s Great-Grandfather; Neutral lich that went insane and created a region of magical fallout) Unsuccessful Founder (Mother’s Uncle; Failed to create a new druid circle in response to deforestation)

Education Early Childhood: Religious/Language (Celestial and Halfling) Formal Education: Politics (Law) Discovery (Revealed to be of a bloodline and tradition of elvish noble guards by mentor, learned to use Curved Blade) Pivotal Events All-Out War (Local Rebellion?)

Relationships: Parents: Parents Lost/Unknown, Adoptive Parent (Father) Dead Siblings: None Grandparents: All adoptive grandparents dead, others unknown Extended Family: No Known Relatives (Not last of bloodline, might be from other families) Friends: Few (Knows most of the town pretty well, friends with the Church and halfling communities)

Enemies: Arcane Rival (Bard that causes trouble) Enemy of the Family (Assassin from opposing order) The Enemy of My Friend is My Enemy (Stuck-up noble got angry at her halfling rogue friend, now he’s got a grudge against her too for standing up for him.) Minor Childhood Enemy (Fellow acolyte; wasn’t kind to adoptive father)

Instructors: Advanced, Vanished (Highly skilled Swashbuckler/Fighter of the same order, left to return to service)

Full Name: Lilya Annabel Quintana Reason or meaning of name: From Lily, after the flower, as symbol of purity. Chosen by her adoptive father as a reflection of her innocence upon adoption Nicknames: Talear (tall ears, from her halfling friends) Birth Date: Neth 2nd, 4675 AR Place of Birth: Unknown. Raised in Falcon’s Hallow Religion: Orthodox Iomadaen Degree of Religious Practice: Fairly to the letter, but she doesn’t exactly consider herself spiritual and leaves room for pragmatism. Lives alone. She’s fine with her surroundings, but wishes there was more to do. Home Decor: Inexpensive, comfortable, neat First Impression: Well maintained and tidy home for someone with such little funds, but doesn’t appear to be rather ignored in terms of personal touch (aside from the scant model weaponry and religious items), though it may have once been otherwise. Pets: Yes, a pure grey cat that wanders in from time to time called Tomas by Lilya. How important are they?: His importance depends how much he is present. Lilya feeds him when she can, but he’s not around often, much like Lilya. She’s rather curious about him as she doesn’t see him around town ever, and she’s a town guard of considerable age. Current Occupation: Town guard, mercenary, and (mostly tax) enforcer Income Level: Not very high, but she gets occasional sporadic lumps of gold from a good night or week’s freelancing. She’s not too concerned with her monthly wage, as she’s mostly self-sufficient. Marital Status: Single Transportation: Foot. Horse or carriage sometimes when she’s freelancing. Most Prized Possession: Her sword, beyond all doubt. It reminds her of her mentor and legacy, and its the foundation of her ambitions in life.

Favorites Color: Indigo Music: ??? Literature: War stories Hangouts: A small clearing not far into the nearby woods, the Church, and wherever her halfling friends are at the moment. Food: Elk Age: 35 Eye Color: Steely blue Glasses or contacts: She’s an elf, its unlikely she’ll ever need these. Height: 6’2” Weight: 137 lbs. Build: Like most elves, she’s tall and lanky. She’s slightly more muscular than what one would expect from a female elf, but her strength is greater than it appears. Skin Tone: Lightly tanned Skin Type: Mostly smooth, some scarring, usually hidden by clothing. Distinguishing Marks: Elaborate, permanent arcane mark in between her shoulder blades, displayed by all in her bloodline, forever marked as part of the order. Shape of face/Predominant feature: Elven/ears? General Health: Slightly above average health How does she dress?: Inexpensive/casual (she likes her armor.) Does she dress to be noticed? Why?: She dresses to make it known that she’s armed. Cause she’s that kind of person. Jewelry: A holy symbol necklace that her adoptive father gave her. She doesn’t wear it often, as she’s very protective of it. Other accessories: Adventurer’s gear. Other stuff stays at home. Grooming: Fairly neat, but doesn’t dress to be attractive or noticed. She prefers efficiency over fashion. Hairstyle: Long in front, short in back. Clean. Hair Texture: Smooth Hair Color: Dark red SPEECH Pace: Usually slightly slower than average Voice Tone: Slightly deeper than average Accent or Dialect: Not really, she’s local. Favorite Words/Phrases: Curse Words: None, she doesn’t think they impede proper expression. Mannerisms: Relaxed but withdrawn Posture: Stands straight and with discipline, but has a fluid grace to her movements. Gestures: Controlled, when excited (which is to say rarely) Favorite Gesture: Anything involving her sword. Family: Adoptive Mother’s Name: Diane Lilya Thrune Quintana Presumed Dead Unknown, she was kidnapped just after she was adopted Father’s Name: Johan Rolland Died of old age Very close, respected highly Siblings: None Extended Family: Elvish blood parents were of the order, but who they were exactly is unknown. The nobel Chelaxian family that Annabel fled from is large, but will have nothing to do with a child as distant as Lilya. Johan’s family is a small, dead branch of a larger family dating originating from Taldor long ago.

Hometown: Unknown. She considers Falcon’s Hallow her home. Type of Childhood: Quiet, somewhat lonely. Spent much of her time in church or playing with other underclass children First Memory: Communion, Diane was present Most important childhood even that still affects her: The death of her adoptive father. She didn’t mind formal school because she has a very studious personality and was taught in subjects she was interested in. Significant Past Jobs: She doesn’t have the same job every month, so lots. Criminal Record: Never caught, never jailed, never done anything serious Major Accidents/Traumas: She saw a lot of death and abandonment in her early years, even by human standards, so she has some abandonment and rejection issues.

Finances: Lives from job to job, semi-regular paychecks from guard duty (not as good as they should be due to correction) Personal Habits: Some gambling, though only in moderation, generally among friends (she’s not very good at it compared to them.) Morning Routine: She wakes up just after dawn, regardless of the time, cleans the house (if she’s at home, or else packs up), checks on her weaponry, makes breakfast, then goes to the temple to pray. Afterwards she generally reports for guard duty, then, if she’s not needed, goes to look for a job or something to do either out in the town or in the near woods. Afternoon/Workday: She almost always works outside the home, though occasionally when the blacksmith needs help she puts some finishing touches on her work at home. She generally walks, though she does get rides from strangers and some regular friends, especially when on guard duty. She’s very dedicated to her work, no matter what it may be. She’s got a mind to adventure, but she would prefer to be with a group, and takes advantage of guarding lumberjacks with other mercenaries as a means to go deeper into the woods. Her workdays, even when at her regular work, are incredibly varied and eventful compared to most of the townfolk. She knows much of the town, so she has some relation to almost all of them. Dinner: She normally cooks her own meals, hunted or gathered from the forest. She knows a small bit about wild elvish cooking, but not much. Sometime she stops at the local inn, or one of the halfling families treats her (she often gives them meats, so they’re generally even.) Evening: Lilya spends roughly one fourth of her evenings training, although sometimes she goes out with her friends, often at the Sitting Duck to talk to the adventurers.. Other times she works late, generally either on duty as a town or mercenary guard; or spends the evening at the temple praying. Sleep Habits: Lilya takes full advantage of her racial heritage, and often works graveyard shifts, trancing between them and normal work. She can trance in nearly any stance, and normally does so against a wall, sometimes in a chair. When she’s depressed, she often spends the night in Johan’s bed, insomniac in wonder what normal sleep is like. She’s very weary about spending nights in the woods, she’s seen too many things in there to do so without good pay.

How does she relate to strangers?: She’s generally very kind, if a distant. She goes out of her way to help them, out of a mix of righteous humility, her duty as a guardian, and the potential for profit. She doesn’t make friends quickly (although a non-Forlon elf might say otherwise), but she takes to them very deeply. Friends?: She’s more outgoing among her friends, though she still can be quite. She has a very good sense of humor, and though she’s very dedicated to her job even when she’s not working, she has an excellent understanding of where lenience is necessary, especially when it comes to her more rebellious friends. She doesn’t hang out with them often, but she tends to party rather hard when she does. She doesn’t think like most elves in terms of other races short life-spans (because she operates more like a human than anything), but she is aware of the potential for pain caused by her age expectancy, and uses this as the inverse of the motivator normal elves do, taking every moment with her friends as precious.

Others who are more successful: She isn’t to big on judging a person by their economic class, but the small town mentality paired with her disdain for the Lumber Consortium leads to a slightly judgmental view of those of higher class than her. Despite this, she’s very good at keeping her head down and knows well that power doesn’t always get to the heads of its owners from personal experience.

Others who are less successful: Lilya has been fairly close to the bottom of the barrel herself, and has a strong kinship with those of lower class, tending to give them the benefit of the doubt. She is aware, however, of the extremes poverty and hardship can lead an individual, though, and has seen her fair share of such extremes during her work.

Underlings at work: Lilya’s generally the one taking orders, and she doesn’t have much experience with being in charge other than by enforcing the law. If she were to be in charge, she would likely take a distant stance and let her servitors due as they pleased, within limits, giving advice instead of enforcing rules of her own making and generally staying friendly.

Competitors: She’s a bit weary of headstrong adventurers and arrogant out-of-town mercenaries taking up her potential job, but she’s just as interested in kinship with them.

Primary Motivator: Self-perfection

Outlook: Optimist

Integrity: Honest

Impulsiveness: Usually thoughtful, but occasionally spontaneous

Boldness: Daring

Flexibility: Tolerant

Affinity: Altruistic

Comportment: Gruff

Interactivity: Loner

Disclosure: Secretive

Conformity: Formal

Humor: Jokey

Spiritual Adherence: Intense

Tolerance: Accepting

Expression: Often

Attitude: Humble

Quirks: Humming, pacing, blade sharpening

Hobbies: Combat competition, hunting, philosophizing

Lilya Diane Quintana

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