Gavel Thuldrin Kreed

The cruel representative of the Lumber Consortium in Falcon's Hollow.


Kreed is a big man, wide jawed and heavy set. He has short and slightly curling blond hair and flat gray eyes. He likes to dress in velvet, silk, and other expensive clothes.


Thuldrin Kreed has almost absolute control over the citizens of Falcon’s Hollow, and he abuses this power at practically any opportunity. He can be petty, malicious, and cruel.

He has been known to have people beaten or even murdered at whim, though he rarely does it himself. Other sins of his include rape (he enjoys consumating marriages), bribery, and taxing.

He has Magistrate Vamros Harg under his thumb. He knows that the halfling hates it, but doubts the little man will have the guts to fight back against him.

He does have a bit of kindness in him, though it is hard to find. He is willing to care for people who are injured by bad luck, and will often recompense a lumberjack who was attacked by a wild animal (or any of the more intelligent and more dangerous creatures of the Darkmoon Wood), though he has no sympathy for any who could be held responsible for their own injuries.

Gavel Thuldrin Kreed

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