Jarrdreg and Kibbo

Two kobold ex-slaves, cowardly but loyal.


The two kobolds are average for their race, scaled, with small claws. Their scales are green, unlike of their captors, the Truescale Kobolds. Jarrdreg is the taller of the two at three feet four, while Kibbo barely makes three feet. They are underfed and skinny, and dressed in rags.


Jarrdreg and Kibbo are the only remaining slaves from their tribe, the Quicktooth clan. Their clan was mostly slaughtered by the Truescale tribe in a war over shiny-shinies, and the remnants taken as slaves.

They were both workers. Kibbo specialized in making traps to protect the clan. Jarrdreg was a cook and a bit of a brewer.

Jarrdreg and Kibbo

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