Elian Brand

A gifted young cleric with command of fire.


Elian is average height and young for his abilities. His midlength hair is coppery red, and his eyes are brown with slight gold hints. He likes to wear gold or red, as part of the vestments of the clergy of Sarenrae.

He tends to be decisive and active in battle, willing to add his abilities and spells to the fight. Out of battle, he tends to be kind and rather quiet.


Elian is the older of two by a year; his younger sister, Lilian, is a sorceress in training in a larger town to the south.

Both of them are orphans, found at a very young age at the steps of the Burning Blade Church. Master Claudius Dayne was going to give them to Elena’s Halfway House, but one day Elian accidentally tumbled into the fire at the church. He came out unharmed and giggling. Master Dayne saw it as a miracle from Sarenrae and kept them. He was raised as a student of Sarenrae, while his sister was gifted with a celestial magic talent.

He became involved in the idea of adventuring when the blackscour taint threatened Falcon’s Hollow.

Elian Brand

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