Sanam Minh Ordell

Vigilante Prankstress


Sanam is a half elf who stands about 5’7” and weighs 110 lbs. Her blonde hair goes a bit past her shoulders, her bangs part in the middle of her forehead and go just past her eyebrows. She has green eyes and a slender build. Her clothes are that of a noblewoman’s: she wears gowns that are lightweight and form-hugging and likes to swap them out at stores because the same gown gets boring.

She carries a masterwork rapier, a masterwork shortsword, daggers, a masterwork light crossbow and a masterwork light shortbow.


Sanam roams around and crashes various parties of the noble variety: her victims end up alive, bound with silk ties and naked on a table with an apple in their mouth detailing their discrepancies and crimes. She leaves before the victim is discovered and swaps her gown and wig out immediately afterwards. Supposedly, she does this for kicks: that is, that’s what she’d probably say if anyone caught her and asked her about it.

She met Deldrin Baleson when she was fourteen: she was on an academic trip and had stopped in Falcon’s hollow for a bite to eat. They ended up becoming friends and continued to keep in touch via writing. Years later, she stopped in Falcon’s Hollow to visit him on her way to a party. When he asked her for help with curing a plague and finding missing children, how could she possibly refuse…

Sanam Minh Ordell

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