Boss Payden "Pay Day" Teedum

A very large, flat-faced thug that follows Kreed's every step.


Boss Payden “Pay-Day” Teedum is big, standing a good 6’4” and weighing well over 200lbs in fat and muscle. Always a bit ugly, his nose is crushed and flattened, and he looks out from deep-set gray eyes. He carries several weapons, including a rather large and nasty mace, but his personal favorite weapon is the brass knuckles he uses to beat dues out of unruly lumberjacks. He has a shaved head, and is covered in scars from fights.

He talks with a rather squeaky voice, compliments of his damaged nose, but he is sharper than he looks.


Boss Teedum earned his nickname “Pay Day” from his favorite duty: doling out “dues” and “taxes” to anyone who doesn’t follow “Mista Kreed’s” orders or who just annoys him. When someone is slow to pay said dues, he takes great pleasure in beating it out of them.

He does anything Thuldrin Kreed asks him to without question, and often with great pleasure. He acts as Kreed’s bodyguard and enforcer.

He has a burning hatred for Deldrin Baleson, who was the only lumberjack to openly stand up to him and who smashed his face in with his axe. He would like nothing more than to break Baleson into pieces, but he and Kreed fear turning the charismatic and well-liked sheriff into a martyr that Magistrate Vamros Harg could use to rally the Falconers around.

Boss Payden "Pay Day" Teedum

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