Magistrate Vamros Harg

A young and good-looking halfling with a sharp mind, already used to the games of politics.


Magistrate Vamros Harg is a charismatic figure, young and cheerful for the most part. He is average height for his race, barely topping 3’4”, and athletically slim. He has golden-colored hair that he keeps fairly long, and bright blue eyes.

He tends to dress in relative finery, preferring bright colors and liking jewelry. His romantic interests run towards those of his own gender.


Harg once worked as a lawyer in a large southern city, but was forced to resign under unknown circumstances. He fled to Falcon’s Hollow, where he was coerced into cutting a deal with Thuldrin Kreed. Kreed uses him as a charismatic face to run the small town, but both of them know that he is no more than a figurehead, and Harg hates it with a passion.

He has been bought by the Lumber Consortium and is ashamed of himself for never going against their orders, being too afraid of the powerful organization. But he does do his best to subtly counter them, giving people the fairest arrangements he can. He and Sheriff Deldrin Baleson are close friends and play cards several nights a week with a few others, including Lady Cirthana. The small group is united by the idea of evicting the Lumber Consortium and the tyrannical Thuldrin Kreed, but have no way of acting on it.

Magistrate Vamros Harg

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