Deldrin Baleson

The Sheriff of Falcon's Hollow


Baleson is half-elven, tall and muscled from his years of labor in the logging industry. He dresses plainly, rarely donning more than leather armor. He has black hair, kept short and just starting to go gray, and tends to wear a goatee. His eyes are green, flecked with gold. He is 37, and stands six feet tall.

He carries around the axe that earned him his spot as Sheriff.


Originally a bit of an adventurer, Baleson traveled north to find treasure and trouble in the Darkmoon Vale. He had no luck, however, and found himself penniless in Falcon’s Hollow. He worked to pay his debts and leave town but was caught in the ‘loop’ that so many citizens of Falcon’s Hollow are caught in. He labored there for a decade, and would have stayed a lumberjack were it not for a chance run-in with “Pay-Day” Teedum, who tried to extort an “axe-tax” for the axe Baleson had already paid for. Teedum tried to take it away, and Baleson promptly gave it to him, smashing the Consortium thug’s face with the flat of the axe. Magistrate Vamros Harg promptly promoted him to Sheriff to further needle the Consortium.

He and Magistrate Harg are close friends, and play cards several nights a week with a select few others. This small group talks of evicting the Lumber Consortium but have so far done no more than academic discussion of the topic.

Deldrin Baleson

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