The Darkwood Path

The Missing Children

  • Kimi Eavewalker: A half elven girl, 11, the daughter of the elven ranger Idris and a local beauty named Kitani. She is a fearless tomboy who regularly scraps with boys twice her size and wins. She’s become the unofficial leader and protector of her little group of friends. She is wiry, with midlength brown hair and green eyes, and is often scraped and bruised.
  • Hollin Hebbradan: A 10-year-old orphan. The younger brother of Ralla, who does her best to take care of him. He is a skilled woodcarver. He is short and stocky, with short curly red hair and freckles. Hollin is still missing.
  • Mikra Jabbs: The son of the town butcher, Colbrin Jabbs. He is 13. He was born with some brain damage: he is illiterate, gullible and easily confused. But he is also very kind and almost universally loved. He is the oldest but the rest of the group take care of him. Mikra is tall, with short dark hair, dark eyes, and a wide smile.
  • Jurin Kreed: 11 years old, Jurin is the son of the Town Gavel Thuldrin Kreed, and was raised in relative luxury. He is insufferable, known to snarl at other children and threaten to have his dad’s bodyguards beat them. But he appears to be better than his father; he and Mikra get along well. Jurin is chubby, with short blond hair and blue eyes, and often wears a pout.
  • Savram Vade: The youngest of the group at 9, Savram is the son of the sinister wizard Sharvaros. He is quiet and withdrawn but far more clever than his years. Savram is short, bright eyed, pale, and dark haired.



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